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BF4.EXE Not running on Windows 7 x64 ?

BF4.EXE Not running on Windows 7 x64 ?

So, I have been trying to play Battlefield 4 on Windows 7 Pro x64 and came across a few issues. The 32 bit launcher worked with no issues at all.

After reading all the posts on various sites, I updated Direct X and checked my Video card Drivers, all were already up to date as I thought they would be.
I tried file permissions and all the other solutions given even though I was NOT expecting many to work as they seemed illogical.

After a few hours I looked at the Distributables that BF4 needs.

After installing the VC REDIST x64 Battlefield 4 works perfectly 🙂
Don’t know why no one else has sussed this out :p
Hence my post here!

What are your thoughts?

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