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Some of our clients
(References are available upon request)

Mobile PC Rescue has now worked with Sleigh & Son for over 20 years, work includes graphics design (this logo for example), server deployment and web design, workstation maintenance and much more.

We started looking after these in October 2022, upgrading all the work machines to SSD’s and setting up a NAS drive for backups and media use.

We launched their new site in Feb 2016, with all artwork, logos etc designed by Mobile PC Rescue.
The website has been taken down sadly, due to client not paying domain fees 🙁

We were recommended to PDP in October 2022, the entire network infrastructure was terrible. Furthermore, we are currently in the process of upgrading the entire system. The EX I.T. guy had put a 100Mb Switch in and left them with no backups or AV protection. We have already swapped 2 systems to SSD’s and fixed the backup system.

We maintain the office PC’s and installed a backup NAS and set it up to push data to the staff out in the field using Synology Cloud software.


Manchester & Ashton Roofing
Mobile PC Rescue saved their data and supplied a new office PC in April 2019.

Hollingworth Methodists Church

We have installed a computer and presentation system, linked up to 3 screens for services.

Mobile PC Rescue started looking after their computers in 2017.

We created this site in March 2016, designing all logos and artwork to match the clients’ needs. We no longer deal with them, but they still use the site we built.

Sunset Aviation Art & SWA Fine Art
The owners have had two sites built by Mobile PC Rescue in the Summer of 2018. We had to create mirrors of the original sites on other domains to ensure customers could still purchase products while the new sites were being built.
All Artwork was recreated so we could resize them.

We created them a new website in August 2016, designed new graphics and took all new photos of the club for the website.

Mobile PC Rescue designed the new logo and the website for this client in 2015.

We built 3a a new website in August 2015, we also maintain and build all the systems that run the business. We also installed a NAS drive to control backups and the ability to work off-site.

World Championship winning chess software engine available for Pocket PC, Palm, Apple iOS, PDAs, PC and Mac computers.
Steve came out at short notice to service my PC. It is now running quite a bit cooler even with a huge overclock. The 12/24 core PC is now competing in the World Computer Chess Championship.
Hopefully, Steves work will help us win it. Harvey.

We help maintain the systems in the Ashton Under Lyne & Glossop branches.

Walmersley Golf Club
We were called here to fix Virus issues and have since been commissioned to build new systems and bring the club up to date as the systems were over a decade old and in need of an update.

We started off by doing work for the Manchester office, we have since been asked down to do some work at the London office too. We are now looking after all the Windows PC’s.

A new customer in 2021, we have built them a new website and new graphics have been designed.

Another new client for 2021, old systems have been revitalised and security and backup systems have been addressed.

Another new one for us in 2021, needed upgrading, rewire old network points, security & backup systems put in place.

Other Customers
Linden Accounting Services Ltd
Ashton Signs & Print (Ashton Under Lyne)
Ian Chew Asbestos (Carrbrook)
Trade Plate Logistics Ltd (Audenshaw)
JKG Carpets – (Droylsden)
Creative Golf Designs
BettaVeg (Openshaw)
Manchester Aquatics
High Class Cleaning
Walmersley Golf Club