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Mobile PC Rescue


Before we sell you a bespoke computer system, we will come to your office/home to discuss what it is you need the PC to do (workload). We then come back to you with prices and spec’s of a computer that we feel will be suitable for you and your pocket.
Why buy a Ferrari if your only going to the local shops?

We ONLY supply BRANDED hardware components, these include but are not exclusive to ASUS, Gigabyte, Corsair, Logitech, Intel, MSI, Nvidia, Epson, Creative, Western Digital, Seagate & Sony.

Whenever we build a PC we always do a 24-hour soak test, some say that these are not needed anymore but as a creature of habit, we feel more confident doing this to ensure your system is fully operational BEFORE we bring it to you. Also, this gives us time to install all Windows/Anti Virus updates prior to arrival.

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