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We recommend you have an MOT on your PC each year just like you do your car.
Your PC will normally run like a new system after our FULL MOT.

Our MOT’s includes:

Clean INSIDE PC Case, blow out debris, clean screen & delete temp folders.
We also perform a STARTUP scan to see what programs are starting when windows loads, this way we can identify many threats.
Clean Keyboard & Mouse, Defrag HDD & Registry.
FULL virus & spyware scan, plus a full Windows update (dependent on OS).
Driver updates, essential software updated if possible.

Please note:
To clean out the systems properly we use a professional air compressor. This can cause quite a lot of noise, and of course dust, so we try to do this outside the premises or in a locked off room.

Cleaning the fans inside a PC can make the system quieter and cooler, making the CPU run faster meaning a much better experience for you.

This video demonstrates why our ANNUAL MOT’s are especially important – Computers collect dust, the fans then heat the dust, and it bakes on to the fans, the system gets hot faster, thus making it slower as the CPU gets throttled by the mainboard which is monitoring the heat:

Mobile PC Rescue’s on-site computer support gives rapid response in solving your computer problems.

MOT Your Computer system – keep your office running at optimal performance. You MOT your car every year, doesn’t it make sense to MOT your PC’s?
They are the backbone to most businesses and each year we become more reliant on them, so they HAVE to be working efficiently.

Even if your computer is in the home, it will still suck in dust, hair, and debris from the room, please do not think your PC will not be so bad, IT WILL!

Call us now to arrange an MOT before your PC dies.

MOT for Systems  (PDF)