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Mobile PC Rescue offer computer systems, repairs and services in and around Manchester, Droylsden, Denton, Hyde, Tameside, Stockport, Middleton, Glossop and most of the surrounding areas. We also have clients in London, Blackpool and Stoke.
Formed in 2002, Steve (the owner) has around 35 years of experience in the I. T. consultancy & sales sectors.
As the name suggests, we are MOBILE – we come to you – we visit you ON-SITE – Perfect news for pensioners and office staff. For pensioners, we also offer a NO FIX, NO FEE Promise. We also offer Remote Access, if you would prefer this, please let me know. This will only allow us to fix software related issues, remove bloatware etc, of course, hardware will always need a site visit.

We always deliver a professional service to businesses and the public sector. We do our best to provide a speedy and professional service, helping clients to get back on their PC’s as soon as possible.

Please note, we do not repair phones or tablets or anything with an Apple logo.

All the systems we supply & build come with a one-year warranty on hardware (NOT the OS)

Systems are built bu our staff, with Windows installed and fully updated to the very latest version. All bloatware is removed. All gaming systems are put through a 48 Hour burn in test using Furmark & PassMark. This ensures that all the hardware is running properly and will not crash when you start to play demanding games.
The stock CPU & cooler paste is removed, and we use Artic Silver thermal paste to ensure better cooling. On Intel 11th Gen and older we replace the stock cooler, however on 12th Gen, the stock coolers are superb. If you are going to overclock the system, we advise you to replace all fans and the CPU cooler with Noctua or Corsair Levitating Fans

If you buy your own laptop or PC we will happily configure the system for optimal performance and install the best software for you while removing all the bloatware that most companies install (and there are lots).

If you wish to purchase your own computer parts, we will happily build and soak test the system for you and install all the software and drivers you require. Get in touch for a quote today.

Mobile PC Rescue supply reliable computer related products that are made to your specification and all carry a 12-month hardware warranty. We also supply bespoke computers to your exact requirements using only high quality branded components. Our preferred brands are Gigabyte, Corsair, Samsung, Seagate, Synology, Asus & Kingstone, to just name a few. Once we build your computer, you will receive the original boxes for every component.

We also specialise in NON-DESTRUCTIVE virus removal and operating system repair, we can also back-up your existing files to a wide range of media.

Please see the SERVICES page for a list of what we can do for you and your business.

See our client list and feel free to ask for references, should you require them.

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