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Telephone Scam (Fake Virgin Media)

Telephone Scam (Fake Virgin Media)

Today I had a call from a very nice sounding Indian lady, she was so very polite telling me my Virgin Media connection has had issues for a year (which it has), I am unsure how she knew this, unless she has a source that works at Virgin Media???#

She asked me to check the lights on the router, this was they know you have a live connection, she then asked me to turn on my computer and go to which is a remote software site which gives them access to my computer. If I was not so busy, I would have done this on a new laptop and done a reverse hack on her, but I am too busy and I am gutted as I’ve waited for years for one of these calls lol

NEVER give a stranger access to your computer, and I mean NEVER!!

If someone phones you telling you your internet is working, your Microsoft Windows has errors, your Norton has expired or anything similar, think that these companies have BILLIONS of users, they will NEVER call you, it’s up to you to get in touch with them, ALWAYS!!!
Ensure your parents and their friends understand this and it will put an end to these scumbags!

The phone number she called from was 01915 286 680, if you can, please warn your elders about this scam, along with all the others I have shared on my blog.

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