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The importance of an ANNUAL clean on your computers.

The importance of an ANNUAL clean on your computers.

People forget how much they rely on the laptop or computer on their desk, and just keep working on them, but your computer is like your car, it needs looking after and things need cleaning and replacing over time. The largest issue we see is when a computer or laptop has overheated, this can cause all kinds of hardware issues, sometimes a clean is enough to get things working again, but other times, so much heat has been generated that component damage has occurred, which makes the repair much more costly and like one of our recent customers, could result in catastrophic data loss.

The most common part to fail due to dirt and dust are the fans, and without the fans working properly your computer will overheat, when the system gets hot, the motherboard will reduce the voltage to the CPU so the PC will not be running anywhere near as fast as it will do when the heat is being dispersed properly.

If you book an MOT with Mobile PC Rescue, we will test the fans for you and if necessary, we will replace them, usually with much better fans that come as stock. We can also put the best fans in your machine, either Noctua or Corsair Mag Lev fans (which also have LEDS if this is something you’d like).

Another issue that the heat can cause, is the fan blades becoming very brittle, this has happened to us today as I’m writing this post. The blades snapped off when the air from the compressor hit them. This has happened in the past on a high-end graphics card, the fans on this Razer laptop will need replacing before it can be used again.

Why not book your computer for an MOT?

For businesses we come to you and do all the work onsite, but we do need a space outside to clean the PC’s. There will be quite a lot of noise as we use an 8bar compressor.
With home users, the PC needs to come to us, so you can drop it off, or we offer a collect & drop off service, which is chargeable and varies by distance.

A standard MOT is £85 per computer, this includes a full diagnostic of hardware and a malware/virus scan and all OS updates etc installed for you. If you have more than 10 machines this price` will be less, so get in touch for more info.


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