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Please turn up if you book an appointment!

Please turn up if you book an appointment!

Yesterday, a lady called us about upgrading her son’s gaming computer, we discussed a few options, and she gave us a budget that she had, so we booked her in for a chat this morning. I waited here for 90 minutes, I messaged her to see if she was still coming, and she ignored my messages.
We are a small business, and this kind of behaviour is totally unfair. I spent over an hour last night (after work) looking for the GPU’s that we could offer her within her budget, so not only did I waste time today, I wasted my personal time last night too.

This can kill small businesses, where every penny counts, times are hard for everyone, so we must all do everything we can to help and support each other, especially the small independent traders, like Mobile PC Rescue.

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  1. Charles Wass

    I’m afraid this all due to lack of consideration for others. Only people who are self-employed can understand the cost of ‘no-shows’. Many people think all the money you receive is profit. Ignoring your messages is shameful.

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