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Make WordPress Plug-ins Auto Update

Here is a simple guide to show you how to make WordPress automatically update the plug-ins for you.

Firstly, you will need to log in to your site, I use Cute FTP or FileZilla which will both give you access to the site using FTP, you may be able to do this through your control panel too.

Look for the file called wp-config.php (it’s in the root of your installation folder) Take a copy if you are not 100% sure of that you are doing.

You can either right mouse click or download the file to edit it. The choice is yours and may depend on your method of access.

Look or search for AUTOMATIC_UPDATER, it is near the top of the file, it will look like this:


Now, all you need to do is change the false to true

Save the file (upload it if you downloaded it and overwrite the original)

Now go to your PLUGINS

And you will see this:

Now, click on the Enable auto-updates, so it looks like this

And that is it, you are all done 🙂

If this helps, please like and comment. Thanks