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SCAMS and how to avoid them

Just some general info from a guy in the know regarding scam phone calls…
BT, SKY, Microsoft etc will NEVER phone you to tell you that you have a virus or your equipment is not working properly! Do you honestly think they have the time & resources to monitor every customer? It takes them an age to answer any tech calls, so NO they do not!
If you ever get asked to install ANY software DO NOT DO IT! This will give them access to your computer and let them steal your data, they could even encrypt it all and demand a ransom for the unlock key (This is known as RANSOMWARE)

We see too many cases where people are targeted by these scum, they prey on the old and vulnerable as they know these people can easily be scared into believing what they say is true.

If they say they are from your bank, hang up and call the bank, use Google to find the correct number, also call from a different phone, there is a system where they can get your phone line not to clear down so your next call really goes directly to them and not who you dial – this is only been reported to me a couple of times but it’s worth noting.

Never save your passwords on your PC in an unprotected format (Word, Excel etc) it’s much safer to keep a notepad hidden in your home, a hacker can download your files and them have all the time they want to hack the passwords, a burglar, on the other hand, would not spend time looking for what may not be there, they want a quick in and out, so a little pad is much safer than saving an unprotected .DOC file on your desktop – and YES this does happen, unfortunately. If you do wish to save them on your PC then ensure you add a password to the file.

If they call saying they are from BT etc, tell them you do not own a computer so they must have the wrong person, simply hanging up is not enough, these people are persistent and will try every avenue to breach your data.

Please read our blogs for further info and warning.

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