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Firmware Updates – what and why

Firmware Updates – what and why

Firmware is a software that is embedded into a hardware device. Firmware controls how your device behaves. We recommend that you update the firmware on all your products whenever new firmware becomes available. New firmware often fixes bugs, contains new features, and protects you from security vulnerabilities. Some products can regularly check for new firmware and download it, or you can check for new firmware and download it manually.

Intel CPU’s had a vulnerability found earlier this year, this update is essential to keep your OS and PC secure!

There are different apps and methodology for different pieces iof hardware, some will  require software to be installed on your PC, or the use of a pen-drive to transfer the update, if you are not sure what you are doing we strongly advise that you use the services of a professional in the field of the hardware being updated.
I have a Optoma Projector for example, the firmware updates require the data to be downloaded to a pen-drive then that be plugged in to the projector, however, the Onkyo Amp, does the firmware directly from the internet, this one takes about 45 minutes to install.
On the PC’s we build, we install the Gigabyte @BIOS tool which will upgrade the motherboard BIOS/Firmware, but there are 2 other programs to update various systems. In recent months you may have seen the INTEL ME FIRMWARE update, this is a critial update as it fixes issues in the Intel chips and prevents hackers accessing key companents in your hardware, this update however has to be MANUALY installed – it’s a shame as it is vital to any system security and every computer running any OS will need this to stay secure!

This is a line up of BIOS updates on a Gigabyte motherboard, you can see they add lots of new features for newer CPU’s and fix issues with older ones. ALWAYS make a  backup of your existing BIOS if you can, not all devices allow for this.

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