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More Scams to look out for

More Scams to look out for

During the Lockdown in 2020/2021 the scammers have been out in force.

Here are some that I have been seeing as I work and I’ve had both on my business emails – look out for them and ensure your Staff and Family are aware of what to look for – Knowledge is the only way to beat these scumbags!



  1. Always check who sent the email to you – if it’s about your Lloyds account for example it will be from Lloyds
  2. Always check the URL (the web address in the link), where is it sending you, it should be the company’s web address. Some scams will have a URL similar to the genuine one, for example the scam one could be instead of just This is why it’s always better to do it manually.
  3. If you are unsure, then contact the company or simply log in directly in your browser without clicking the link!

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