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Merging 2 offices together, the stresses of working in I.T.

Merging 2 offices together, the stresses of working in I.T.

The Stresses of working in I.T. – Today was not the day we planned.
What happens when you are merging 2 companies together and the new company  coming to your customer of 15 years, have had an arse looking after their IT?

No antivirus despite paying for a site license on the server
No backup despite paying a monthly fee
A dedicated server with only 1 hard drive so no RAID ARRAY!
4 out 5 PCs running Office 2010 despite paying an annual fee for Office 365, the other PC running a 2013 version that has never updated to office 365 (2016) despite the nag screen at every power up for 2 years
The 1 hard drive in the server is failing. Its crazy noisy and very slow
“password123” as the password on workstations
The companies name as the password for the server – OMG!
Log me in installed in 2013 and NEVER updated

Staff saving to MY DOCUMENTS and not the server, several PC’s had around 6000 to 12000 files on the desktop and up to 60000 files in my documents despite having a file server.
The list goes on but the hour is getting late….It’s been a long time since I saw an IT infrastructure that was so bad.

I have been there for 1 1/2 days already, all day today from 8am and just finished now at 8.30pm and had to cancel all tomorrow’s jobs as we still have lots to sort.

If you have a business and your IT guy tries to do everything remotely for 4 years it’s time you give me a call!

There are a few things that every business owner should have in place:
Anti Virus and a proper firewall NOT free software.
Anti-surge sockets

File servers are not as essential these days, a high-quality NAS will do the same job if you have 1 to 5 employees, more than that and you should have both in place, the NAS being offsite.

How your PC should NOT look

If you have 4 year old remote software and no antivirus you can expect to get hacked!

Please get in touch if your system is like this, it’s only a matter of time before your business falls has hackers take control of your system and/or encrypt your file system with cryptoware.



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