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Windows 7 End of Life in sight

Windows 7 End of Life in sight

As some of you may already be aware, Windows 7 is coming to it’s end of life in January 2020, the 14th to be exact.

After this date you will no longer receive security updates or patches, if you use the free MS anti-virus essentials you will no longer be protected.
What this basically means is that if you use your computer for banking, online shopping etc then you must upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as possible, to ensure you stay nice and secure.

There will be a learning curve as Windows 10 is different from 7, so please be ready to learn new ways to do things. Some are better, some are not, but we all have our own thoughts on that 🙂

If you still have Windows 7 then please get in touch to discuss your upgrade options and pricing. For businesses we can do this at weekends to minimise disruption to your staff.

What are your thoughts?

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