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Mystery Shopper has been hacked – Change your password ASAP

Mystery Shopper has been hacked – Change your password ASAP

Sadly, Mystery Shopper is the latest victim in the current swathe of hacks against companies 🙁
I have tried to log in and it is declining my password, so maybe some accounts have also been breached.

This is their email:

We regret to inform you that our company has experienced a data security incident involving ransomware.

Please be assured that the data was stored with limited access and encrypted with passwords. However, we cannot guarantee with complete certainty that the attackers cannot access this data. Importantly, MSL’s online portal remains safe, was not compromised, and no passwords were involved in this incident.

We have reported the incident to Action Fraud, the National Cyber Security Centre, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and the Police. We are also examining additional security protocols to prevent future incidents.

The attackers claim to have accessed certain information, including profile details (such as name, address, telephone and email). If you’ve ever been paid by us, they may also have accessed the bank account number and sort code for the account listed on your shopper profile.

If you would like to understand what those exact details were, please view your MSL Online profile and review the fields described above.

MSL has instructed a third party who has independently validated our systems are secure and are now going to advise on the best way to make us even more secure going forwards.

What You Need to Do:

Be Cautious: Be wary of any unsolicited communications asking for personal information.

Update Passwords: Consider changing your passwords and using strong, unique passwords.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication: Where possible, enable two-factor authentication on your accounts.

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