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US bans sale of Kaspersky software citing security risk from Russia

US bans sale of Kaspersky software citing security risk from Russia

Once again, the US officials have banned the sale of Kaspersky, saying it is a security risk, what they really mean is they only want US citizens to buy US made products like Norton!
Before you run off and look for alternative software, remember that Kaspersky is used globally by leading companies and governments, including Britain, France, Germany and the UAE. None of your data passes to Russian governments.

I will continue to monitor this, and unless some breaking news shows us 100% that Eugene is selling our information to Russia, I will continue to support and sell Kaspersky products.

The KSN (Kaspersky Security Network) is one of the best things ever, it helps the world fight malware & viruses.
Here you can see a live map of that it is tracking, and it is amazing to watch 🙂

MAP | Kaspersky Cyberthreat real-time map

This is an article from 2022, when the US government last banned kaspersky, simply because one of their security guys scanned a file which was sent to the Kaspersky Security Network for analysis, this is something you can turn off by declining the feature, it is how Kaspersky learn about new viruses etc, and it was the guys fault, no one else’s, but Kaspersky got dragged in the media and flamed by the US for it!
Should You Buy Kaspersky Security Products?

Just a side note, but just as important at showing how the US are forcing foreign businesses out, this is another example:

The US are trying to ban the sale of DJI drones, again, they lie about security when it all comes down to is them wanting control and sales of US made drones. you can read about this here:
DJI drone ban passes in U.S. House — ‘Countering CCP Drones Act’ would ban all DJI sales in U.S. if passed in Senate | Tom’s Hardware

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