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Scam calls from fake companies (Wintech)

Scam calls from fake companies (Wintech)

Today I am working on a new clients laptop after they got a call from a company called Wintech Experts (not the US web developers).
This company has charged this lady £490 for a ONE TIME FIX : LIFETIME (does that even make sense?)
They have sold her a fake MS Office activation as part of the bundle.

This kind of scam has been happening for over a decade and I am a loss as to why or how people get suckered into these scams, how can you pay a complete stranger in an unknown company, in an unknown country so much money when you don’t even know what you are getting? Well, the answer is trust and lack of knowledge, these people prey on the vulnerable and they know that so many are just going to trust them to do the work they promise to do, we see it in IT shops too, where they prey on vulnerable and make a small fortune off their innocence and lack of knowledge.
The best we can do is try to educate people, so please tell everyone you know and tell them to read the blogs here, just look for the tag #SCAM.
Thanks for reading.

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