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How to spot a fake email?

How to spot a fake email?

I am constantly asked by customers how do we know if an email is genuine?

The easiest way is to check the URL (web address) you are about to click – if you hover over the web address, you can see the actual address it will take you too. On this example, the email is supposed to be from ARGOS but the link is – this means their server has been hacked and is being used for exploits like this, that will steal you Argos login details. Not only cna they now buy things using your CC they can also try that combination of username & password on any other websites, so if you use the same password, it could cost you a great deal, or they could simply log in to your systems and claim you accounts, great for them if you have Steam, uPlay etc.

Hover over the link to see the real destination!


If you have Kaspersky Internet/Total Protection installed these links can be checked as you click on them – drop us an email to get protected.

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