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Windows 10 1809 is here :)

Windows 10 1809 is here :)

After several months of testing I am now downloading the official update of 1809 in Windows Update 🙂

Some of the top Windows 10 1809 features
  • Dark mode for File Explorer: With October 2018 Update, Windows 10 gets its own dark mode. Head over to Settings > Personalization > Colours and scroll down to the bottom. Choose Dark under Choose your default app mode.
  • Diagnostic Data Viewer app: Microsoft now allows you to review diagnostic data in Settings to deal with all those telemetry concerns.
  • Fewer restarts prompted by Windows updates: you will now see more prompts that are designed to avoid unexpected update installation and subsequent restarts.
  • You Phone app: Along with enabling you to send and receive text messages using your PC, Your Phone also offers Android users to view their phone’s photos on their PC, offering easy access. The app is also available for iPhone users but the functionality for them is currently limited to sharing Edge links.
  • New screenshot tool: Known as Snip & Sketch (Windows key + Shift + S), you can now copy a rectangle, a freeform region, or a full screen and then annotate it in the app, save, share, or paste it. The old Snipping Tool is expected to be deprecated in the future.
  • Block autoplay videos in Edge: You can now block videos that play automatically to prevent web pages from playing videos automatically.
  • Separate font slider to make text easier to read: Go to Settings > Ease of Access > Display >  Make text bigger to increase text size across without the need to increase scaling of the entire interface.
  • Improved Clipboard: You need to learn a new shortcut (Windows key + V) to see a scrolling list of recent items copied to the Clipboard. The new Clipboard experience also syncs across your Windows devices.
  • Battery details of Bluetooth devices: All connected Bluetooth devices will now report their battery lives.
  • Emoji 11 is live too! Windows 10 October 2018 Update finally supports all the new emojis from Emoji 11. Use ( Windows key + . ) or ( Windows key + ; ) to start searching.

Along with the above changes and improvements, Windows 10 1809 is bringing numerous improvements and adjustments to the Game Bar, Windows Search, Settings, Edge, and Windows Shell. Windows Security, previously Windows Defender Security Center, has also received a Fluent Design overhaul.

To get the clipboard feature you have to turn it ON by clicking Settings > System > Clipboard – you can choose to sync or not here too

What are your thoughts?

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