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Microsoft calling you at home or the Office? This is a SCAM!!!

Microsoft calling you at home or the Office? This is a SCAM!!!

microsoft-lottery-scamThis scam seems to have been revitalised again, now this has been happening for almost 3 years that I am aware of and its still happening!

I received a call from Microsoft this morning, the phone number was 0200 333 1312.

The Indian guy told me that my computer had a virus, so I asked how he knew, he replied that he worked for Microsoft and they know these things – so I asked what Software I had and what Virus had infected my computer, was it a Trojan, malware, spybot, and did it have a TSR – His reply was no, it’s a virus! (All the ones I mentioned are various forms of virus)
I then asked how will I clean a virus from my PC when it’s not on the internet (tactics)
He hung up!

People, please share this and BE AWARE!!

This is a SCAM, they gain access to your system via remote and charge you for the privilege – they can then install key loggers to allow them to record all your user-names and passwords for ALL your accounts!


  1. Microsoft will NEVER call you at home – if anyone calls claiming you have an issue on your computer, tell them to YOU work for Microsoft and demand they tell you EXACTLY which office and department they work in, see how fast they hang up!
    NEVER take a cold call who tries to get access to your PC or tells you its broken – HOW WOULD THEY KNOW???
  2. Facebook – Hmmmmmm – you all have it and yet loads of people still post with their setting on PUBLIC – ensure ALL your posts are friends ONLY – this stops scammers, hackers etc getting to know ANY of your personal details!!!
    Go through ALL the settings and lock it down!

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UPDATE 26/09/14

This is the phone number that called my client, it seems he is not the only one who has been fooled by these scumbags!

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  1. I have just been to see a client (local business) and the caller somehow had his C.O.A and read it to him BEFORE they were allowed to connect, after they told him his C.O.A and his name and address he assumed it was a legit call, as would many people.

    How did this company obtain another persons C.O.A?

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