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How secure is YOUR Password?

How secure is YOUR Password?

A great help from Kaspersky again!

You THINK your password is safe?

Type one of yours in this website and see just HOW secure it is

Please type your results, on here and let us know how long YOUR current Facebook password will take to hack (Obviously DO NOT post your password too )

When you update your password avoid REAL words, or break them with an _ (underscore) and add an ! (exclamation mark) at the end
and with the new Brute Force Hacking Tools, making o into 0 and E into 3 makes NO difference, the software is too clever to miss that now, not like a few years ago when it was easily tricked!

something like
first name, nickname, surname, a year and an exclamation mark (!) That does make it harder to hack, so does using words that are not real words, so if you write your name or normal password backwards that will be very secure!
thisismypassword = drowssapymsisiht
You can use this website to do it easily for you 🙂 (just turn off upside down text)

Check your password here:


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