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Email & Text scams occurring in 2023

Email & Text scams occurring in 2023

After several years of seeing these kinds of emails, I’d hoped that people had grown aware to them and stopped clicking, but today I got a call from an office after a staff member clicked a message to say her mailbox was full, of course it was malware!

if you ever get anything like this, just delete it, if you’re unsure about your mailbox space, use your control panel, or if you’re my client, call me, never, ever click it as these can cause massive disruption and if the file is crypto ware, it could easily bring he entire office to a complete stand still and all your files encrypted unless you pay x amount of $ in crypto currency, sometimes thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions as is the current status with Arnold Clarke who are being held to ransom for millions in crypto currency to stop the release of customers personal details, including passport details, NI numbers, all about to be released on the Dark Web if they do not pay.

Always read and understand the URL in any email!

The thing to remember about this kind of attack is, once you pay, what is to stop them or another group hacking you again a few days later, or even months, and of course, they could still release the data after they pay, these people are scummy criminals and have zero morals, so even submitting to pay does not in any way guarantee they will honour their agreement, personally I’d never trust them as much as I could comfortably spit them out!

Please add your own thoughts and experiences with this kind of threat.

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