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Do you like free apps?
App Gratis gives you a free App or Game every single day plus large discounts off other stuff.
It is available on iPhone, Android  and iPad.

Visit the site for further info:

Todays deal on Android is an awesome app for predicting Sun and Moon positions, perfect for my photography 🙂

Once every 11 years or so the sun will change things up with a Solar Maximum reversing its magnetic polarity. The north pole becomes the south pole and vice versa resulting in amazing sun storms, sun spots and increased radiation.

I’m also switching things up today by offering Sun Trajectory within another app, Moon Trajectory (crazy, I know). So you’ll be getting two cool apps to predict planetary movements and all you have to do is go into the Moon Trajectory settings and type in “appgratis” where it says “voucher code”. Normally this would cost you £3.49, but today it’s FREE.

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