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Hop on to Google Play Store and you will find plenty of security apps designed to track your smartphone. Fresh out of the oven in this genre is NQ Mobile Easy Finder. While still being in beta, this Android app does a marvelous job of tracking your device if gets lost or stolen. The app can track your device, wipe any data stored on it, remotely snap a photo from its camera and email it to you, and more. It can also additionally back up your contacts. You can control the lost phone via your web browser by signing up for an NQ Mobile account

Although mobile tracking and data wiping features are only available in premium version of the app, everything else is completely free to use, and works absolutely like a charm. To get started, launch the app and provide your email and password to sign up for an account. Having done that, activate Easy Finder feature by following the instructions provided. Next up, turn on Android security via PIN/password or pattern lock. This would ensure that the app alerts you in case an intruder tries to gain unauthorized access your device by trying to unlock it using the wrong password or pattern. You can specify your desired protection method directly from within the app interface, if you haven’t set one already.

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