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Air Droid 2

Air Droid 2

AirDroid 2 Adds Remote Connection Over Web & Anti-Theft Features

In AirDroid, Android users have arguably the best and most feature-packed solution to wirelessly access, manage and control almost all aspects of their smartphones and tablets from a web browser. A few days back, the developers announced an invite-only beta of the latest version of AirDroid, which is now openly available to anyone interested.

Currently available in beta, AirDroid 2 comes with a ‘Remote Connection Mode’ that allows users to access their devices’ contents and features over the internet from anywhere in the world in addition to the existing Wi-Fi connection mode, thus eliminating the limitation of having the computer and mobile device on the same Wi-Fi network. In addition, the latest update also brings remote camera access and a ‘Find Phone’ anti-theft feature. Further details after the break.

Air Droid 2


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