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BetterDesktopTool Brings OS X Expose & Spaces-Like Features To Windows

BetterDesktopTool Brings OS X Expose & Spaces-Like Features To Windows

Formerly known as Expose, Mission Control is one of Mac’s most talked about features. It gives a productivity boost to your everyday computer tasks by giving you a bird’s eye view of open windows, letting you easily locate the one you want to access. This feature has been absent from Windows since ever, and chances are that it may not likely make its way to Microsoft’s OS in the near future either. On the bright side, Windows has many third-party tools that replicate, or to some extent even beat, Expose by letting you use and control multiple virtual desktops on one screen. BetterDesktopTool is one such app that provides this facility in a user-friendly design. The application boasts plenty of features and is fairly easy to use.

When installed, BetterDesktopTool resides in the system tray. You can right-click the notification icon and perform further actions on it from the context menu. For instance, you can enable or disable the tool if required, bring up an overview of all current desktops or opened windows, bring all windows to the current desktop or exit the app.


Download the APP here:

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  1. I also had issues on my PC with the Wireless XBOX ONE Controller – seems like a common problem on Steam – This is how I fixed it:

    1. Select the old drivers that fail then remove the device and DELETE drivers, this rids your system of old drivers

    2. Plug in the Wireless controller to Win 10 with a USB cable and let the system update your drivers, this also updates any FW to the controller so may take a few minutes.

    Try the game with the wire in, and then unplug it.

    Now my JC 3 and ROTTR are working fine 🙂

    Hope it helps some of you out

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