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Microsoft integrates Skype into

Microsoft integrates Skype into

If you used Messenger, you have probably Migrated to Skype by now.

Well there is some great news regarding Skype and Outlook

Its still early days yet, but it looks like Outlook will have Skype integrated into it via a small plug-in 🙂

Under the heading “Type Less. Talk More.” Microsoft has announced that users will be able to make Skype calls directly from their mailbox. This early “Preview” version of Skype for will begin to be rolled out in the UK today followed by the USA and Germany in the coming weeks. Redmond intends Skype audio and video calling to be available to “every” mailbox in the few months thereafter.

If you use you will probably know that it already integrates with Messenger and Facebook text messaging services. While you have the email page open in your browser it can be quick and convenient to send simple messages via these services from there. Skype integration could bring a lot more messaging functionality with its audio and video capabilities.

Microsoft has thoughtfully composed an advert showing why you might want Skype integration in your webmail inbox.





  1. Actually hate the fact M$ decided to migrate messenger into Skype. IMO Skype has a horrible design. Plus years of using messenger and using its layout means its like an old friend.

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