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Mailboxes Updated

To all our customers who use us for your business Mailboxes, we have some great news 🙂 Starter 2019 mailboxes have increased from 100MB to 200MB. StarterPlus 2019 mailboxes have increased from 2GB to 3GB. All 25Gb 2013 Exchange accounts have been upgraded to 50Gb Exchange 2019 Accounts * These …

Emails: Your account has been hacked!

If you are lucky you may not have seen one of these emails, but many thousands, me included, have several of these each day.

Does it mean my account has been hacked?

NO, all it means is your password has been leaked, a site you have been on as had it’s database hacked and leaked online – that’s why usually the password they show you is an old one – if you still use that password anywhere, CHANGE IT NOW!

These emails and the ones like them just prey on those who are vulnerable who don’t understand or maybe some guy who has sat his office late and got bored lol


To check if you have been part of a hacked website, click the image above and put your email address in the box, it will tell you straight away if your email is an online database of hacked accounts

This is a new one I got today (12th Feb 2019) The spelling and grammar are terrible

It’s so badly written I couldn’t help but laugh 🙂