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Moonshine S-OFF

Moonshine is a tool to give you S-OFF on your phone, and install a custom hboot which will give you most of the advantages of an engineering hboot. The custom hboot will allow you to individually flash or erase any partition on your phone.

What moonshine can do for you

  1. S-OFF Your HTC device if it is a supported model and firmware
  2. Unlock your bootloader (devices that are blocked by
  3. Install moonshine hboot. This is a customized hboot with many eng-style commands.
  4. Install su binary
  5. Install Superuser.apk
  6. Install busybox
  7. Install an unsecure stock kernel



Steve P

I started on computers back in the days of the Sinclair ZX81 and Spectrum, back when people were coming to terms with how great their new digital watch was. Even though I worked in DIY Shops, Fancy Goods, the building trade, DJ'ing etc, my main interest and passion was always in coding, graphics and games. I decided to take the plunge into computer shops in the mid 90's and in 2003 set up my own computer business. I have a simple work ethic which is I prefer to make a little money often, rather than charging a fortune and losing customers. This has proven to work for me and my customers. In all the years I have traded I have never advertised and yet each week, I get new customers through recommendations - there is no higher praise :)

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