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Just a quick look at the 2 systems:

Sony’s presentation certainly trumped that of Microsoft in this area. We really don’t know too much about what launch titles will be on the Xbox One, whereas Sony dedicated pretty much all of their presentation to forthcoming PS4 titles. Thus, Sony have definitely whetted appetites more in this area, but many of the biggest titles will be on both systems; it is system-specific titles that will be more significant, and the situation regarding these remains to be seen, despite numerous rumours. Nonetheless, Sony has come out on top in this department thus far.

Other Entertainment
Microsoft focused very heavily on the Xbox One’s television-related capabilities, as well as showcasing its improved Kinect functionality. The Xbox One is clearly intended to be a living-room hub. Sony have steadily added features to the PS3, and will have similar ones on their next console, but haven’t give as much indication as Microsoft of what these will be at this time.

Pre-Owned Games
In this area, Microsoft has scored a massive own goal. It has already confirmed digital rights managements on its games, and implied that this will be an expensive process. It is far from certain that Sony won’t employ a similar system, but they have handled the situation far better, and Microsoft have been forced to engage in a lot of hasty public backtracking. But the gaming community has had a very negative reaction to the Xbox One’s attitude to this issue, calling it control-freakish and Orwellian, and Sony have come out of it smelling like roses relatively speaking, even though we don’t actually know what their plans are yet.

Online Functions
There hasn’t been a huge amount of information regarding the online functionality of the PS4 yet, but Microsoft intend the Xbox One to be a fully Internet capable machine and are strongly pushing the Skype facility that the console will have. Xbox Live remains very highly rated, although some people favour the fact that the PlayStation network is free. Overall, Sony have a little catching up to do in this department

Public Relations
Microsoft have had a nightmare in this department. Their presentation was abysmal and received an emphatically negative reaction from the gaming community. They’ve made terrible PR slip-ups over pre-owned gaming and digital rights management. Sony have given the impression of being the company ready to serve the needs and desires of gamers, Microsoft have done anything but. Up to now, Sony are winning this battle by a mile.

Further Info:

Both consoles will be running on AMD’s CPU – the x86 octa-core processor. The PS4 will use a x86-64 “Jaguar” CPU while the Xbox One will run on a modified eight-core processor.

Microsoft and Sony are both using AMD’s graphic processors as well. According to Wired, the Xbox One’s GPU will be integrated into the CPU in a system-on-a-chip design.

Sony’s PS4 also uses the GPU integrated CPU.

Among the specs that the Japanese company announced for the PS4 was its 8GB GDDR4 RAM. This beats Microsoft, which revealed that it will be packing a 8GB RAM but only the DDR3 variant.

Both companies did not change much of their design for their controllers as consumers seem to have a preference over certain controllers.

The Dualshock 4 controller for the PS4 is slightly bigger than its predecessor with its touchpad and easier gripping.

The Xbox One’s controller has only slightly been changed from the previous controller, which was already a success among gamers.

Both gaming companies have improved their motion sensors.

The Xbox One referred to the Kinect 2.0 as a “human control for a human experience.” The 1080p motion sensor will process 2GB of data per second and will recognize any slight movement, including your heartbeat.

Not much is known about Sony’s Eye, which will come with two 1280x800px cameras.

The two are expected to have similar price tags. However, the PS4 is predicted to undercut the Xbox One, according to latest reports.

The Xbox One price tag was revealed earlier this week by Amazon. The giant retailer’s UK site launched pre-orders of the latest gaming device with a price tag of £399.99. It cam with the message: “We do not yet have a release date for Xbox One. This is a placeholder only.”

The new price tag is significantly higher than Microsoft’s previous gaming device, the Xbox 360, which launched with a price tag of around £210.

“It’s always interesting when these things come out costing more money than you would expect,” said Tech Radar’s editor Gareth Beavis. “It’s massively upgraded in terms of its spec. It’s not just a games console, Microsoft wants it to be an entertainment hub. It’s a massive step forward from the Xbox 360, which was slowly morphing into more than just a thing to play games on. I think it’s a little bit expensive but it’s a premium product so I can understand why it is.”

However, the Xbox One is expected to sell for $399 in the United States. Video game industry analyst Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities predicts that the price of the PS4 will be $100 cheaper than the Xbox One.


PlayStation 4 has no used game restrictions, it can also play games offline

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