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25 Most used Passwords – Is yours in this list?

25 Most used Passwords – Is yours in this list?

These are the TOP 25 most used passwords. I often see “password” and “1234”
I think the funniest is “trustno1” ha, with a simple password like that, it will be easy to hack :p

Secure your systems
Secure your systems


Your logon password to your Laptop or PC is useless if any tech savvy person gets on it and needs to bypass it, so don’t worry about that one, it can be a simple one letter password, if we need to bypass Windows passwords (Other than Windows 8) then we just BYPASS it, we don’t need to get the passworg, but for ONLINE accounts, keep then as secure as possible!

You a combination of lower case, upper case and odd characters and change letters to numbers.
This would be virtually impossible to Brute Force (Hack)

Now go change yours!

What are your thoughts?

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