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Force Microsoft Edge to save images with .jpg instead of the .jfif extension

Force Microsoft Edge to save images with .jpg instead of the .jfif extension

As many of you have found out, MS Edge tried to force you save your images as JFIF which are not Windows friendly (this is the same team who’s browser MS Edge blocks downloads from the Microsoft Website 😮
We know they have some geniuses working there, but can some of the Devs really be so stupid to allow these simple to issues interfere with our daily life and NOT expect people to switch to Firefox or Chrome?

Anyway, here is a simple fix for the JFIF issue:

  1. Start > type regedit > hit Enter
  2. Paste Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MIME\Database\Content Type\image/jpeg to address bar > hit Enter
  3. Double click on Extension > paste .jpg > hit Enter

Now try it….

Sometimes you may need to restart MS Edge to see the effects. Gone is the .JFIF file.

I have included a simple .REG file in 7Zip format just in case you’d rather not mess with the registry. You can get 7Zip from here, it’s totally free (7-Zip)

If you found this useful, please drop a note to say so, thank you.

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