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How to turn off COMMENTS in WordPress

How to turn off COMMENTS in WordPress

It is quite apparent since the latest updates of WordPress that most users, ourselves included, will want a discussion on their Blog, and some pages. It is however apparent that small companies don’t want a blog and do not want user comments plastered all over their website. On the latest versions of WordPress the option to disable comments is hifdden by default, so here is the easiest way to turn these check boxes back on.

Simply go to the top of the DASHBOARD page and then click the text where is says SCREEN OPTIONS.

Now click the box that says DISCUSSION
Now go to your pages and click EDIT, and you will see a new option that says COMMENTS – simply tick or untick this box to enable/diable comments 🙂
Another quick way to do this is simply go to your PAGES and click QUICK EDIT, you will see a small box that says ALLOW COMMENTS, again tick/untick as to your preferences 🙂

If this helped please say thanks.

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