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Synology NAS add-ins

Synology NAS add-ins

If you use any NAS system, we recommend Synology ONLY!

After spending weeks trying to configure 2 variations of Netgear Nas’s we switched our clients to Synology and the NAS units are fantastic. Firstly the Netgear systems would not set up users and every time we tried it failed, on both systems. We could not add Apps from the App store because it kept telling us another installation was in progress (also on both systems) The whole system is useless and is quite antiquated the way it works – for example, you MUST have the client software installed before you connect?? SO if I am in a clients office and i want access, I have to install software first :/ CRAZY – there is nothing like that with the Synology and the unit has a built in  Dynamic DND so the NAS can have a simple name instead of IP address, the Netgear does this too but needs other software, which we could not install :/

The front end is a breeze to set up and so are shares and permissions 🙂

There is also some great sites which offer additional apps, and most are free. Here are some of my favourite Addresses to add to your Synology Apps 🙂
Add these to Package Centre to see al the goodies:

Please feel free to add your own in the comments below

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