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Mobile PC Rescue offer computer systems, websites & hosting along with a many other I.T. services, in and around Manchester, Droylsden, Denton, Hyde, Tameside, Stockport, Middleton, Glossop and most of the surrounding areas. If you’re local to us, let us be your computer repair man. We also have clients in London, Thornton-Cleveleys, Stoke, Bournemouth etc.
Formed in 2002, Steve (the owner) has around 35 years of experience in the I. T. consultancy & sales sectors.
As the name suggests, we are MOBILE – we come to you – we visit you ON-SITE – Perfect news for pensioners and office staff. For pensioners, we also offer a NO FIX, NO FEE Promise. We also offer Remote Access, if you would prefer this, please let me know. This will only allow us to fix software related issues, remove bloatware etc, of course, hardware will always need a site visit.
Our standard callout fee is £65, if you are further afield then this rate may be increased accordingly.

We always deliver a professional service to businesses and the public sector. We do our best to provide a speedy and professional service, helping clients to get back on their computers as soon as possible.

We build bespoke gaming computers; this is really where my passion for high end PC’s came from 🙂

If you require a website or webhosting, please get in touch, these are some of our web services: /hosting-solutions

Please note, we do not repair phones or tablets or anything with an Apple logo,
but we can unlock them if you forget your password/PIN.

All the systems we supply & build come with a one-year warranty on hardware (The Operating System & software is not covered, please ask if you need more information)

Systems are built by our staff, with Windows installed and fully updated to the very latest version. All bloatware is removed. All gaming systems are put through a 48 Hour burn in test using Furmark or PassMark. This ensures that all the hardware is running properly and will not crash when you start to play demanding games.
The stock CPU & cooler paste is removed, and we use Arctic Silver thermal paste to ensure better cooling. On Intel 11th Gen and older we replace the stock cooler, however on 12th Gen, the stock coolers are superb. If you are going to overclock the system, we advise you to replace all fans and the CPU cooler with Noctua or Corsair Mag Lev Fans

If you buy your own laptop or tower, we will happily configure the system for optimal performance and install the best software for you while removing all the bloatware that most companies install (and there are lots).

If you wish to purchase your own computer parts, we will happily build, and soak test the system for you and install all the software and drivers you require. Get in touch for a quote today.

Mobile PC Rescue supply reliable computer related products that are made to your specification and all carry a 12-month hardware warranty. We also supply bespoke computers to your exact requirements using only high quality branded components. Our preferred brands are Gigabyte, Corsair, Samsung, Seagate, Synology, Asus & Kingstone, to just name a few. Once we build your computer, you will receive the original boxes for every component.


Cameron Lonsdale
Cameron Lonsdale
March 9, 2024
Sent Steve my pc parts in which he helped to build it and set it up quickly, saved me quite a bit of hassle and stress, Steve is Friendly and helpful, would recommend.
Terry Dalton
Terry Dalton
March 8, 2024
I have known & dealt with Steve from Mobile PC Rescue for a number of years, and found him very helpful & knowledgeable and always gives 100% and very accommodating to your needs & explains everything he has done.
Keenan Roberts
Keenan Roberts
January 25, 2024
An absolute hidden gem. Helpful from start to finish when fixing my gaming laptop. Such a nice person. Great service
January 24, 2024
i came to steve not knowing a thing about pc building and built the whole system wrong. from there he took my build in. took the whole thing apart and rebuilt the whole thing. very good service and very appreciative i found him. amazing man!
Angela Stringer
Angela Stringer
January 12, 2024
Contacted Steve, such a lovely man who really knows his stuff. We dropped our faulty computer off (a very old one I have to day) and because he knew we still needed this old system with all the software on it, he was understanding and said he would take a look. To our delight, it was just the power supply that had blown, and no further damage had been done by the power surge. Steve fixed it, cleaned it, and made a suggestion to help us for future, but with no hard sell. I knew his suggestion was a very wise one, so Steve upgraded the old hard drive to a solid state drive and when we got it back the next morning, we just plugged it back in as if nothing had ever happened, didn't have to do anything ourselves or stress with any extra software etc. Everything, and I mean everything had been transferred over. It is now working beautifully. Thank you Steve for a fabulous service, and for being so lovely. I will certainly recommend you.
Ashley Owens
Ashley Owens
December 5, 2023
Following on from the last update, I went ahead and got my system rebuilt. Steve was very fast and accommodating to my strict schedule. Has done an awesome job, Highly recommend for any tech issues and machine rebuilds Thank you! *EDIT* So after the initial suggested fix by Steve, 2 weeks later I ran into the same issue. I advised Steve about what error I was getting, I asked for an appointment on Thursday and was able to accommodate me. Steve then proceeded to advise me what the error was and what he would do to fix this issue. He was very prompt with informing me throughout the day what he had done and also pointed out some general advice about my fans, and AIO, and advised me what I needed to do should I want to upgrade my computer. I would 100% recommend Steve, Very knowledgeable and reasonable prices ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So I was looking around for a PC specialist who could assist with my issue. I found Mobile PC Rescue. Read the review and thought I found the right place. I've had an issue with my computer shutting down and often had to either force close or sleep my machine, wake it up, and shut it down from there. Steve was fast with his response and gave me an idea of what the issue could be and was booked into an appointment fast, we rescheduled different appointment dates due to my work commitments. Steve then sent me an email asking me to try and shutdown via System32shutdown.exe - I popped that into CMD and was able to shut down fine, reloaded the machine, ran a full ESET scan, and played a few games. Then was able to shut down from the start menu. Not only did he save me money, but he was also very knowledgeable and very prompt in replying to my emails. I would recommend Steve 100% 👌 - I know have somewhere to go If I have any other/further problems. Thanks, Mobile PC Rescue
Anthony Nicholson
Anthony Nicholson
October 28, 2023
After 4 years the memory on my Asus laptop is at it's end. Which Steve Advised ,got and set up for me. After chatting i agreed on a internal update instead of new. While working on it he noticed a small problem with the fans that is a big problem in 6 month to a year. I don't know much about pc's. Other techs would have said i need new now to get the money. Which is a example of his honesty. He does a job once and correct with great customer care. I have no problem giving his name to anyone.
Woods Dental Care Administration
Woods Dental Care Administration
October 20, 2023
Steve kindly made a home visit to fix a few problems we'd been having with our scanner and printer. He is very knowledgeable and very professional and arrived on time. In the past, he had fixed my laptop and I was so impressed with the service that I didn't think twice about getting back in touch and asking for his help again. 100% recommend. Thanks again Steve.
Morgan Chesney
Morgan Chesney
October 14, 2023
Absolutely amazing help for finding me a case and build that fits me. Pc runs fantastic, max settings and it still runs smooth.
October 7, 2023
Steve is a great guy and a total pro . I will be bringing all my future pc problems to him and no one else . First class service ! A +++

We also specialise in NON-DESTRUCTIVE virus removal and operating system repair; we can also back up your existing files to a wide range of media.

Please see the SERVICES page for a list of what we can do for you and your business.

See our client list and feel free to ask for references, should you require them.

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