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Today I have been working on a Windows 7 PC where the registry got corrupt after installing some Windows 7 updates (at least that’s what we think did it)

After many reboots and trying to use the Windows Boot Disk (via USB of course) to force a recovery I have found another way to recover the registry backup and copy it back to the Windows folder – I hope you find this useful:

First thing to try is F8 for Safe Mode and try “LAST KNOWN GOOD CONFIGURATION” – This will try to roll back a few system files – if that does not work, read on!

Firstly download Sergei Strelec Boot CD (Win PE 8 or higher) (search Google) or Hirens Boot CD 15.2 RESTORED (GET IT HERE) and make it in to a Bootable Pendrive or CD – I use 8GB pendrives, and Rufus to make the ISO go to the Pendrive and be bootable – it is easy to do and only takes 10 minutes.

Once in Windows open

2 Windows explorers and copy these folders as listed below

Identify the correct drive letter for your Windows installation. It could be a drive other than C: but it won’t be X:.
until you find the Windows folder.
I will call that drive “Q:”.

copy the folder  Q:\windows\System32\config\MyRegBack\ to your C Drive

Copy the files software, System and Sam from the CONFIG folder to a safe place like Q:\Current Reg, those are your current registry files that are corrupt.

Examine the dates of the Software, System and SAM files. Were the files created before or after your problem became apparent?

If they were made before the problem became apparent then you can copy them from the MyRegBack to the Config folder and overwrite the existing files (YOU DID BACK THEM UP)

Reboot normally. If things do not work out then you can backtrack by copying the original registry files back from the safe place (Q:\Current Reg)

This has worked for me, so good luck!





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