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WordPress 4.6 is now available!

If you use WordPress then this update is very important, apart from new features it contains some very much needed Security updates.

Shiny Updates v2Shiny Updates replaces progress updates with a simpler and more straight forward experience when installing, updating, and deleting plugins and themes. Those actions are now all performed via AJAX.One big user facing change is about search. There is now an AJAX search on both the Installed Plugins screen as well as the Add New Plugin screen, this means the search results change as you type, drastically simplifying your workflow.

Native Font supports in the Administration ScreenThe operating system’s UI font is used for any text that’s part of the WordPress user interface. Although WordPress switched to Open Sans in Version 3.8 at the end of 2013 by various reasons, today, the background condition and technology have changed. Then, experience faster load times, especially when working offline, a removal of a third-party dependency, and a more native-feeling experience as the lines between the mobile web and native applications continue to blur.

Import Screen overhaul
The Import Screen was overhauled, improving accessibility and making it much easier to install and run an importer.

More information here:

If you have a website hosted with us please get in touch for a quote on Updating your WordPress and all your plugins to the latest versions. If you wish to update yourself, ensure you do a full backup of your site first!



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