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Are you excited about Chromecast?

Are you excited about Chromecast?

Have you heard of Googles new Chromecast?

If not, where have you been? This superb little dongle will transform your life 🙂
In a nutshell, before you read the rest of the page, Chromecast allows you to send any content on your Android phone, iPhone, Ipad, tablet, PC, laptop etc directly to your TV 🙂

The MASSIVE benefits over Apples TV are that Chromecast uses the Android operating system, the hackers and modders are already working on 3rd party apps and have completely cracked the encryption system 🙂
This means there will many 3rd party add-ons allowing you to send movies, games etc straight to your TV from your  (insert your device here lol) This dongle will also work on ANY operating system unlike Apples which requires Apples OWN software ONLY – Typical of Apple and the main reason I hate the company so much!

Here is some more info:)


The easiest way to enjoy online video and music on your TV. 

Plug Chromecast into any HDTV and control it with your existing smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Send your favorites from Google Play, YouTube, Netflix, and Chrome to your TV with the press of a button.

Chromecast dongle

Your favorite online content on your big screen.

Sit back, watch together.

With Chromecast, you can easily enjoy your favorite online entertainment on your HDTV—movies, TV shows, videos, music and more from Netflix, YouTube, Google Play, and Chrome. No more huddling around small screens and tiny speakers. Chromecast automatically updates to work with a growing number of apps.

Remote free.

Control in the palm of your hand.
Chromecast works with devices you already own, including Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones® and iPads®, Chrome for Windows®, and Chrome for Mac®. Browse for what to watch, control playback, and adjust volume using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You won’t have to learn anything new.
Chromacast button

Plug in and play.

Get started in 3 easy steps.
Plug Chromecast into your HDTV, connect it to WiFi, then cast videos and more from your smartphone, tablet or laptop to your TV.
It’s for everyone in your house.
Friends and family can use your Chromecast with their smartphone, tablet, or laptop without any additional set up.
Technical specifications
CEC compatible
Max. Output Video Resolution
72(L) x 35(W) x 12(H) mm
2.4 GHz WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
(Power adapter included)
Supported Operating Systems
Android 2.3 and higher
iOS® 6 and higher
Windows® 7 and higher
Mac OS® 10.7 and higher
What’s in the box?
HDMI extender
USB power cable
Power adapter
Wi-Fi enabled supported device and HDTV.
Wi-Fi use requires 802.11 b/g/n access point (router).

What are your thoughts?

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