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Zevera, Multi hosting solution or blatant rip-off?

Zevera, Multi hosting solution or blatant rip-off?

Zevera, take the money, and offer NO Support!

I am not one to PUBLICLY post negative feedback about a company I have only dealt with for 4 days but this company is so obviously milking its users and offering NO support whatsoever, I feel I must warn others to avoid them.

I signed up as my usual MultiHost company was having issues and my subscription only had a few days left anyway.

Zevera ticked all the boxes for me, or so I thought.

They advise you to use JETDownloader and say it offers the fastest speeds possible

They also have a Firefox plugin that instantly converts links
They also say their downloads work fine on JDownloader 2

After 4 days I found the software (JETDownloader) to be the most buggy software I have had on my PC on 27 years of working in the IT Industry, it is classed as Beta, I’d say it’s not even Alpha, it constantly crashes, it freezes up and needs to be closed in Task Manager, when this happens any USER settings are lost and have to be redone :/
So, I tried with JDownloader, this software I know very well, I have used it for several years and it is awesome, but it does NOT work with Zevera links, it opens Captchyas and treats files like a normal user with no premium account.

So, I have posted several messages outlining different issues on the Zevera forum, and NONE have been approved, so no one will answer, and no other users will see the ongoing issues with the software – this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen from a company. You don’t even get a response, just an email saying declined and a brief explanation, ALL but one of mine said this:

  • You are receiving this notification because your post “Re: JetDownloader
    3.5.0 download folder” at “Zevera Forums” was disapproved by a moderator or administrator.
  • The following reason was given for the disapproval: You posted same post multiple times.

I did not post the same post several times and ALL my questions have had this exact response; I posted several questions over 2 days, and one was outlining faults in the software so others could see them and hopefully come to a solution. But seems Zevera do NOT want that, so they delete all my questions :/
Unfortunately, I did not expect them to be deleted so I never kept copies, but as of now I will post any posts I send to them so I can keep track and anyone reading this can see them too 🙂

They also have a section for JETDownloader issues, so I spent quite a while typing a massive list of issues and suggestions, this was the reply I got from them and again the topic was deleted.

  • You are receiving this notification because your topic “So many issues with JET I don’t know where to begin!” at “Zevera Forums” was disapproved by a moderator or administrator. The following reason was given for the disapproval
    You are not following forum rules.hi,
    Let me inform you that JetDownloader is not software created by Zevera’s developer’s team. It is just suggested mainly because it was the first download manager that direct links could be used, feature which is quite important. Secondly, it has a very willing to help support team, both for its users as well for file hosting or multi hosting services like Zevera services. At last, we suggest JetDownloader because it is an ongoing project with fast development. If you still want to use JetDownloader, you can contact at [email protected] where the support team of JetD can assist you regarding the use of JetD.

So, they are passing the buck again. not following the rules – this is pathetic, they MODERATE every single post and just decline any that complain or point out a fault.
They also say that JETDownloader is NOTHING to do with Zevera so why is the support email address [email protected]
Hmm, @ ZEVERA, yes I did read it right, didn’t I?

Have you or anyone you know used Zevera? What is your experience with them?

I have just sent this email, I do not expect a reply!

I have posted several questions on the forum asking why I cannot download, and NONE have been approved this tells me I have been scammed.

The service does NOT work, you blame it on JETDownloder, JDownloader or any other software, yet other providers of multi host have none of these issues.
I have 27 years on the IT Industry and know my way around software and computers, yet this will not download!

I will be posting a blog on my business pages advising people AGAINST using your services.
How can you say you are willing to help but then delete any requests and posts that are pointing out issues?  That’s not helping that is dodging bullets and scamming your users.
Every forum I search for has people in the same position as I am in. I have several unfinished downloads sat here that I cannot finish because no one is willing to offer help about YOUR service, YOU tell me to email the guys who write the apps, but as the service provider the buck stops with YOU not them.
4 days in and I have managed to download 1 movie that works, you have to admit that is ridiculous and poor?

What are your thoughts?

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