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Teamviewer and Remote Sessions

Teamviewer and Remote Sessions

As some of you know, I have had issues with Teamviewer for about 10 months when they told me I have to buy a commercial license or get cut off after 5 minutes use. It’s been a nightmare, and I have tried many alternatives, my favourite being SHOW MY PC, but that did not allow file transfers, which is essential,  they wanted £15 per month to allow that but the software was clunky and not a great solution.
So today I have had to start paying for Teamviewer, which unfortunately, for my dear customers, means you now have to pay for any remote session work as it ain’t cheap, as you know.
I will draft up some prices and try to make it as fair as possible, as long as it breaks even each month, I’m happy, I just can’t lose money on it of course.

Any questions? Just ask, thanks.

You can download Teamviewer for us to help, from here:

What are your thoughts?

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