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Meta Quest issues installing Oculus Setup App in Windows

Meta Quest issues installing Oculus Setup App in Windows

Hi everyone,
I’ve just upgraded my Rift S to the amazing Meta Quest 3, the visual difference is staggering, but the whole experience has been let down by the complete lack of support from Meta and their website.
If you try to download the Oculus app off the links, for 2 weeks now all I get is this:
This page isn’t available

The link may be broken, or the Page may have been removed. Check to see if the link you’re trying to open is correct.

I have emailed support for help and had no reply at all! Not good when you’ve just spent over £650 on their headset.

After much hassle I have managed to find the Oculus app on another site and then when running it, it kept coming up saying No internet, despite knowing I was online, as I was doing other stuff online and I’d just got the app :/ Again, so very very frustrating! I looked on Reddit and other sites and there were thousands of posts about these 2 issue, and very little info to help.

You can get it here:
Don’t forget to comment here and say thanks if you use this version 🙂

So, after much aggro, I realised that actually running the OculusSetup.exe as administrator fixed the issue, and it is now installing, but OMG it is so slow, this must be an issue with their servers as I’m on a 1000Mb internet connection and constantly get over 110Mbps download speed. I’ve wrote this blog and it’s still downloading 🙁

After 2 1/2 hours the setup crashed and then would not connect again, I found that adding this to my HOST file worked. Add this to the END of your HOST file.

If you’re going to buy this headset, you’ll love it, once you get past all the hurdles of setting it up with the 3rd rate software.

The other great news this week, is that Steam now supports launching this from Steam, much easier if you can get it to work 😉

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