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Windows 10 – Ready to Upgrade

Windows 10 – Ready to Upgrade

Is it OK to Upgrade now?

Yes, now all the bugs are fixed and it seems much more stable here

Just make sure you disable Kaspersky

As with ANY Operating System Update there may be residual errors carried over from the previous version and these can cause a myriad of problems AFTER such a big upgrade.

The best way to update is a clean install, but to get your free OS License you must upgrade first so I suggest backing up all your files, upgrade then as soon as possible, do a CLEAN INSTALL of the new OS (Windows 10)

This will ensure that no bad files or data is migrated from Windows 7, or 8

Kaspersky MUST be updated to the latest version AFTER upgrading or it will crash the system.

To get your Windows 10 COA you will need some 3rd party software, without this license number you WILL have to PAY for a full version of Windows 10 after a clean install – so make sure you get it as soon as you upgrade and keep it very safe! Why not print it and stick it inside the PC?

Hope that helps


Make sure you have the LAN/NETWORK drivers for your Wi-Fi or Onboard LAN connection – we have had 3 instances where the network driver from Win 7 was NOT updated – Other drivers can be obtained via the Internet but of course NO LAN, means NO INTERNET!
If you are in any doubt, let us do it all for you and take the stress away for you 🙂

Email us for  a price


ADDED 17/03/2016

After upgrading, some drivers, mainly Graphics and Mouse pads may need to downloaded from the manufacturers website. You will also need to set up all the LANGUAGE OPTIONS as Win 10 always seem to default back to a USA system, totally ignoring your user settings – If you wish to use Cortana you will also need to ADD several language packs for Handwriting, speech etc or it will not work, and on some PC’s if you REMOVE the USA keyboard, Cortana fails to work, even in English British :/ CRAZY!

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