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WordPress – Disable ADMIN accounts!

We have set up a site for a new client, the site has been live for about 1 month

In that time these are some of the failed hacks that have hit the system – once you see this list you will see how important it is that:

1. You have the Admin account disabled
2. You use a password that cannot be guessed – this is best if it’s not proper words and includes numbers and other characters like ?$!

If you need help setting up your security please contact us immediately – Imagine if someone took over your website – the damage to your companies reputation could be devastating!

IP Tried to log in as


Steve P

I started on computers back in the days of the Sinclair ZX81 and Spectrum, back when people were coming to terms with how great their new digital watch was. Even though I worked in DIY Shops, Fancy Goods, the building trade, DJ'ing etc, my main interest and passion was always in coding, graphics and games. I decided to take the plunge into computer shops in the mid 90's and in 2003 set up my own computer business. I have a simple work ethic which is I prefer to make a little money often, rather than charging a fortune and losing customers. This has proven to work for me and my customers. In all the years I have traded I have never advertised and yet each week, I get new customers through recommendations - there is no higher praise :)

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