Why does dllhost.exe Com surrogate consume memory? (KB2670838)

Why does dllhost.exe Com surrogate consumes memory until crash (KB2670838)

Why does dllhost.exe  Com surrogate consumes memory until crash.

It happens when I highlight or view a folder containing video files, Even if I close the folder or select a different folder the memory keeps getting consumed.

It seems to happen mostly with 3D Video files but it has done the same with 2D files.

So it seems to be a problem with the windows thumb nail system dealing with these files.

By the way trying to delete or move the file or folder while the Com Surrogate is consuming memory Delete can not complete the task.

What I have been doing is finding offending file selecting Delete, then go to task manager stopping Com Surrogate, then the file will delete.



“MS are aware of problems with certain chipset/ combinations and the KB2670838 updatedllhost-crash

What are your thoughts?

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