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Got a new Laptop? Let us set it up for you.

Got a new Laptop? Let us set it up for you.

If you have bought a new laptop in the Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals the chances are that it is full of Bloatware (Programs that you will never use, or Trial versions that you have to buy to get the full features) Anti Virus and MS Office will both be TRIAL ONLY VERSIONS, the drive partitions will be all messed up (especially on bigger Hard Drives) and the system will not be optimised to run properly.

Mobile PC Rescue will set up everything for you and make the system run properly, and we include a full 1 year License of Kaspersky Internet Security which is configured properly (not a default install). We also install programs that monitor your hard drives and keep it optimised for speed and keep it clear of junk files.

All this for just £100

get in touch ASAP to book your system in

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